Version History

Collimator maintains a history of versions for each model. Each model is versioned independently of other models, notebooks, or files within a project.


Version: An immutable representation of a model at a given point in its edit history. The metadata of a version, i.e. name, can be modified, but the content of the version is still immutable. Any previous version can be restored to be the current version.
Autosave version: A version created automatically by Collimator. Collimator automatically creates a new version of a model when:
  • when a user makes a burst of edits
  • the model is compiled
  • when a simulation is run
  • just before any previous model version is restored
Working version: A in-progress version representing the latest new edits that has not yet been "finished". This appears at the top of the version history when some edits have been made but have not yet been saved as an autosave version.
Named version: A version that is explicitly named by the user. A user can name the working version, to "finish" that version in the current state. A user can also rename any previous version, including autosave versions.

Naming a version

A version can be renamed by double clicking the name or by using the context menu. When an autosave version is named, it will break out of its autosave group and become a top level named version.

Restoring a version

Any previous version of a model can be restored to become the current version of the model. Any version can be viewed as readonly to help the user determine which version is the correct version to restore to.