🎰Functional Mockup Interface (FMI)

This page describes Collimator support for importing and exporting FMUs per FMI specification. https://fmi-standard.org/

FMU Import

Collimator models can include FMI 2.0 Cosimulation FMUs. To include an FMU in your model:

  1. From the Collimator project page, select "Import" and "Upload FMU file".

  2. Open your model, and create a Modelica FMU block by dragging it from the library pane.

  3. In the "File name" property of the new block, select the name of the imported file from the drop-down.

Your FMU's parameters, inputs, outputs, and should now appear on the block, where you can edit them and connect to other blocks in your model.


Imported FMUs must contain a prebuilt binary for the linux64 platform.

If your FMU uses external third-party libraries, they will need to be statically linked.

FMU Export

Collimator generates FMI2.0 Cosimulation FMUs from Submodels. With a Submodel instantiated in a model, select it, then in CODE GENERATION section of the right pane, click Export this submodel as FMU. This will result in your browser downloading a .fmu zip archive.

For a Submodel named my_submodel, instantiated in a model named my_model, the zip file will be named my_model.my_submodel-<date-time>.fmu.

This .fmu zip archive can be uploaded to any simulation platform that supports the FMI 2.0 Cosimulation interface.

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