🗒️Signing Up

Getting you started with Collimator

When you first begin to use Collimator, you’ll start with the Sign In page

You can choose to create a new account using your Google credentials, or, as we’re doing here, using your email address.

Fill out the required information and choose a password:

If there are any errors or issues, we’ll let you know before your account is created:

Once you’ve submitted your info, we require just one more verification step. We’ll send a code to your email address, which should arrive within minutes. Enter the code on the next screen to verify that it’s your email address. If you don’t receive a code, click “Resend code” to get another.

Finally, in order to use the service, you’ll have to agree to the terms and conditions. Once you have read them, click “Agree” to activate your account. You can review our privacy policy here

From here, you’ll land on your Dashboard. It happens to be empty when you first sign in, but it’s easy to get started creating projects, models, and other files.

Signing in

When you come back again, if you need to sign in, you’ll go the same page as before. Fill in your information in the same way you did when you first signed up:

If you happen to still be logged in on another tab or another computer, you’ll get an error asking you to sign out of the other location.

Once you’ve successfully logged back in, you’ll again be taken to your dashboard:

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