⏯️Controlling a Simulation

The basics of working a simulation in Collimator


Compiling the model means that Collimator will perform the following operations:

  • Check that all block inports are connected

  • Check simulation configuration parameters are well formed

  • Check that all block parameters are well formed

  • Assign time_mode to blocks that are not either Continuous nor Discrete blocks

  • Check for algebraic loops

  • Check type inference and propagation (types are described in Data Types)

By pressing the Check button, Collimator will compile the model, and return any errors from the above checks.


By pressing the Run button, Collimator will compile the model, and run the simulation. During this process, results data will be streamed to the Visualizer.


When a simulation is running, or a model is being compiled, pressing the Stop button will stop the process and Collimator will return to editing mode.

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