⌨️Keyboard Shortcuts

An overview of the various keyboard shortcuts available to you


ActionWindows / Linux ShortcutMacOS ShortcutNotes


Ctrl + X

Cmd + X


Ctrl + C

Cmd + C


Ctrl + V

Cmd + V

This will paste in the center of the viewport

Paste here

Ctrl + Shift + V

Cmd + Shift + V

This will paste at the current mouse position





Ctrl + Z

Cmd + Z


Ctrl + Y, Ctrl + Shift + Z

Cmd + Shift + Z

Stop drawing line


The line that is being drawn will be left off at the current cursor position without being connected.

Select multiple items

Ctrl + click

Cmd + Click

For selecting blocks and lines

Continue selecting items

Ctrl + drag

Cmd + drag

When items are selected, holding the modifier key allows you to continue selecting items in the canvas

Select all items

Ctrl + a

Cmd + a

This should select all items in the current level of the canvas

Drag to copy (duplicate)

Alt + drag

Option + drag

Quick Connect ports

Alt + click

Option + click

Click a block, then click the next block with the modifier key to quick connect outputs from the first block, to outputs on the second block

Tap a line

Alt + click

Option + click

Click a line with the modifier key held down, and the line will branch with a tap off the main line

Zoom in

Ctrl + =

Cmd + =

Zoom out

Ctrl + -

Cmd + -

Zoom to 100%

Ctrl + 0

Cmd + 0

Zoom fit to screen

Ctrl + 0

Cmd + 0

Once you’ve zoomed to 100%, press the shortcut combo again, and it will zoom to fit the contents of the model at the current view level of the canvas

Pan horizontally

Shift + scroll

Shift + scroll

Pan vertically

Ctrl + scroll

Cmd + scroll

Drag to pan

Hold space + drag

Hold space + drag

Create a submodel from items

Alt + G

Option + G

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