Importing Data

Importing and uploading Data files to your Collimator models
It is possible to upload some data files to Collimator and use them as source data in models. The Data Source block can then be used to generate signals from a pre-uploaded CSV file.

Supported data types

The Collimator graphical modelling language is statically typed. This means that, prior to running a simulation, the model is analyzed and every signal is assigned a fixed type. At present the language supports two base types:
  • boolean
  • double (64-bit floating point values).

Uploading data files to Collimator

Data can be imported by uploading files to a Collimator project. Upload files from the Projects dashboard by clicking on the Upload button.
Data can also be imported directly in the model editor. Upload files by clicking the + button next to Others in the project browser pane on the left of the editor.

Currently, Collimator only supports CSV data files. Content must be valid floating-point numbers.

Example of a valid data file

The following is the text content of a valid CSV file accepted by Collimator’s Data Source block.
The first “header” line is optional and may be omitted. In that case, the column parameter may only be a number (the column’s index, starting from 0).
Numbers can be formatted like integers like 12, floating pointer numbers like 13.37 or using scientific representation like 1e6 or -1.32E-3.