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Browsing Models

If your model has Submodels or containers (groups, iterators, replicators, or conditionals) you can browse them using either the Model Tree in the left pane, or the breadcrumb at the top of your editor window.
The Model Tree shows your entire model or submodel, from the top level object all the way down to the lowest one. The Model Tree allows you to expand and collapse sections of the model tree, and it also gives you a way to quickly select—or jump to—a block anywhere in your model.
To select a block, simply click on it. The block's properties will be shown in the properties panel on the right side of the window. If the block is already in the canvas viewport, it will be shown as highlighted.
To jump to a different level of hierarchy, double click a submodel or container, and you will be taken there immediately.
To jump to a specific block, hover over the block of interest. A target icon will be shown to the right of the block's name. Click that icon to jump to the block, centering it within the viewport.